5 Tools you need for remote employee training

If you’re running a business with German customers, perhaps you’re thinking of outsourcing to a German-speaking contact center to provide better services to your market. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re completely free of all management-related responsibilities.

For instance, employee training would remain a major component of offshoring. When you outsource to a bilingual call center, you must also make sure that your agents have the tools and resources they need to serve your customers better.

To make remote management easier and to aid in your outsourced team’s training needs, here are the five tools you need.


1.     A file-sharing application


There are several file-sharing applications available online, such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.

These web-based programs allow collaborators to upload various files in different formats, which can be easily accessed anytime across any type of device. They’re far more efficient than email, because they keep everything in one place. They are also highly customizable, allowing you to organize your files in the way you want. Therefore, there will be no file retrieval difficulties.


2.     Instant messaging


One of the worst things about remote management is that it limits the interaction between the outsourced team and the brand manager. Instant messaging applications like Skype, Google Hangouts, or even Facebook Messenger can be used to bridge this gap.

When looking for a messaging tool for you and your bilingual call center, choose one that is low-cost but enables you to get in touch with your team in a multitude of ways. It must allow for internet voice calls, video conferencing, and other features that you may need.


3.     Multimedia tools for online presentations


Of course, employee training can be much more effective with the use of presentations. But since it can be hard for brand managers to personally deliver lectures for the outsourced agents, multimedia tools will definitely come in useful.

For example, there are now online platforms that allow remote teams to conduct meetings and webinars. Adobe Connect and Go To Webinar are just two of the many available applications that will let you do this.


4.     A collaborative space


Why not enhance team communication further by using online collaborative spaces? These virtual platforms may be something as productivity-oriented as Google Docs or something as relaxed as social media groups on Facebook. These spaces are great for brainstorming sessions or if you just want a quick catching up with your outsourced contact center agents.


5.     A functional knowledge base


Your customer service knowledge base is a repository of all the relevant information, documents, and other resources that your bilingual call center will need as they take care of customers’ requests. This would also contain information on your latest products, promos, or any changes regarding your brand’s operations. Your outsourced agents must have access to this database so they can provide accurate information to customers at all times.



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