Call monitoring tips for better bilingual customer service

Call monitoring is one of the prerequisites of high-quality bilingual customer service. Because your German-speaking customers require a special kind of care, you must make it a point to listen to customer calls and inspect whether they satisfy your established standards.

Thus, part of your customer service outsourcing plan should be to build an efficient quality monitoring program. This will ensure that clients are receiving the best quality of customer service as agents continuously work on the responsibilities they’re handling.

Here are some tips to maintain a stellar quality among your bilingual services.


1.     Choose your team carefully.


For quality monitoring, you must build a team of qualified professionals to inspect and oversee customer transactions. Your monitoring staff should be extremely knowledgeable about everything relevant to customer service especially in a cross-cultural setting. These people should be able to understand the language being spoken by your agents and customers. Other desirable skills are technical know-how, familiarity with call center technologies, and exceptional attention to details.


2.     Connect your quality monitoring team with your call center team.


Your bilingual call center team and your call monitoring team should have a closely knitted relationship. The monitoring staff does not function to catch erratic agents; instead, they aim to streamline the process of delivering customer service. A disconnect between these two teams can only result in inefficient implementation of policies and processes that could otherwise improve the entire scheme of customer care.


3.     Use more than one method of monitoring.


As much as possible, you want to gain a full and unbiased view of the quality of your bilingual services. This is impossible to achieve if you’re depending on just one quality monitoring method. A wide range of methods should be deployed to analyze every aspect of your performance. This includes call scoring, real-time monitoring, gathering customer feedback, and even agent coaching.


4.     Act quickly based on the results.


Setting your eyes on continuous improvement will ensure high-quality bilingual call center services in the long run. However, call monitoring must not be perceived by agents as a negative tactic that could compromise their job security. Instead, employees should realize how integral it is in building a strong and reliable company that places utmost importance to its customers.



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