Just launched: The German Call Center official website

Welcome to the official corporate website of German Call Center! Whether you are a business owner who is considering the possibility of outsourcing to us, or a jobseeker hoping to find an open position that suits your skills, we are pleased to have you around. Feel free to browse the different sections to learn more about our company.

But first, we’d like to make a quick introduction. German Call Center is a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm founded in San Carlos, California and operates in the Philippines. We mainly cater to companies with German-speaking customers, so our agents are bilinguals and native-speakers of the German language. Learn more about our beginnings and goals by going to the About Us page.


If you want to see a list of the BPO solutions we offer, you can head on to the Services page where we detail how we deliver customer service and technical support through voice channels and web-based tools like email and live chat.

Our Blog page, on the other hand, is a dedicated space for publishing news about the BPO world and expert insights on the market trends that affect your consumer base and offshore operations.

We also have a section where aspiring German Call Center agents can drop their resumes. There, we listed the benefits that await successful hires as well as the vacant slots for the inbound customer service, tech support, email, or chat accounts that we handle.

We developed our official website not just to introduce our firm to companies, customers, and employees, but also to have one place where we can stay connected with our partners, colleagues, and audiences. We hope to hear from you soon.

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