How being a neighborhood business paves the way to global success

One of the reasons that businesses seek the help of a bilingual call center is to fulfill their goal of attaining a global brand status. It’s no secret that communicating with your audience in the language that they are most comfortable using fosters loyalty, so companies tailor their customer service after the culture and norms of their market’s locality.


This is why brands are starting to think small in order to become big. By small, we mean using a localized approach in serving customers, a strategy that launched small neighborhood businesses to success in their respective territories. Because of their familiarity and intimacy, they are able to earn the loyalty of their local customers over the newcomers, including giant corporate brands.

What tactics can you emulate from community entrepreneurs to conquer new markets? Here are some of them:


Community involvement


Neighborhood shops serve the same people every day, allowing them to chat with, form real bonds with, and know their usual customers very well. They don’t need comprehensive studies and surveys just to know the right way to cook a patron’s favorite dish because they learn this from repeat transactions with that customer.

You can reach this level of connection and understanding by getting involved in occasions that are unique to your audience. Be present in events in their locality, launch promos that are uniquely themed after their holidays, or engage in any activity that lets them know that you want to understand them on a more personal level.


Doing what you do best


Small businesses may not have a chance against big brands if they battle them head-on, but if they stick with their specialty, they can maintain their lead. Customers will stay with the kind of service that they have grown to love instead of shifting to a new one that offers something they are not used to.

You can use the same concept in the customer service solutions you outsource. Instead of having or offering everything, focus on the services that matter most. Identify the specific products that your customers demand or the communication channels they mostly use. Don’t waste your resources on fruitless investments or barrage your customers with things that they’re not interested in so that you can keep yourself afloat in the competition.


Keeping a tight-knit workforce


Neighborhood entrepreneurs tend to have a smaller but tighter workforce, since the people they hire belong to the same community they serve. The healthy workplace relationship they create lead to positive word-of-mouth marketing—contented workers spread good word about their job to their family and friends, who are the same people making the local business thrive.

Taking care of your own workforce can also keep your company’s reputation positive while making your workers’ efficiency high. The well-being of the people running your operations should be the top priority not just of neighborhood businesses but all companies. So make sure that your people receive justly benefits, privileges, and best of all, acknowledgment from you, their leader.

Doing things the community business way can help you penetrate your local market. If you are able to plant your brand in a certain community through localization, you can surely do this in any soil you set foot on.

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