Why outsource German call center solutions to the Philippines

Making your customer service multilingual is one great way to make your brand globally competitive. Language barriers can prevent you from exploring new markets and welcoming non-English speaking customers. Hence, by outsourcing to a multilingual solutions provider, such as a German call center in the Philippines, you are strengthening both your branding and customer service strategies.

The Philippines demands the lowest operational costs for outsourcing businesses compared to other outsourcing destinations. This enables its local call center companies to offer competitive pricing to international clients, making the country a strategic outsourcing location.

Aside from being a low-cost region, however, there are many reasons why the Philippines is an ideal outsourcing destination for bilingual customer support solutions. Here are some of them:


Strategic geographical location


Many companies that are targeting German-speaking territories often find the Philippines’ location as advantageous and strategic for their business operation hours. Time zone differences have never become a hindrance for Philippine-based bilingual call centers to deliver customer support round-the-clock to almost any country, including European countries where German is the official language. Call centers in the country are experienced in scheduling agents in a way that will accommodate the time-specific needs of their clients.


Dependable workforce


With many years of experience in the industry, call centers in the Philippines have mastered the art of gathering the best call center resources for international businesses, including workforce. Since the country has become a multicultural hub over the years, Philippine call centers don’t have a hard time finding native German speakers. Every outsourcing company in the country employs stringent agent recruitment and training measures. Proficiency in speaking and writing both the English and German languages are gauged properly before aspiring bilingual professionals are hired as customer service representatives. Newly hired workers customarily receive initial call center training and continuous learning sessions after they have graduated into the production floor.


Cultural sensitivity


The Filipino hospitality has always been a major reason why foreign businesses love to outsource to the Philippines. Filipino call center leaders are known for manifesting cultural sensitivity to almost any other culture. More importantly, bilingual call centers in the country pay special attention to cultural knowledge of their bilingual call center representatives. Culture and language training measures are always part of their lineup of quality assurances strategies.


For businesses that cater to diverse customer bases, partnering with a bilingual call center can make customer engagement a smoother process. The Philippines continues to show great promise in helping global businesses expand their reach to new markets through high quality multilingual support. Outsourcing to a German call center in the Philippines is therefore a strategic move if your business wants to attract customers that speak the European language.



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